Southall, Humphrey, Aucott, Paula, von Lunen, Alexander and Westwood, John (2013) PastPlace: the historical gazetteer service from the people who brought you A Vision of Britain through Time. In: UK Archives Discovery Forum, 7th March 2013, National Archives, Kew, London.

The PastPlace API offers a simple web service, responding to a variety of queries by returning information from the same database as underlies the Vision of Britain web site, in a range of structured formats. These queries can be typed into a web browser as URLs, and the response viewed in the browser. However, the queries would more usually be sent by another server on the web, and the response processed by that server. That server might itself be creating web pages for use by the general public, but it might also be a cataloguing or records management system, using our API as a name authority. This poster is the first public description of the service



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