Elvitigala, Gayani, Amaratunga, Dilanthi, Haigh, Richard and Shanmugam, M. (2007) Construction and women: comparative analysis. In: 4th International SCRI Symposium, 26-27th March 2007, University of Salford. (Unpublished)

The UK construction is traditionally dominated by men and remains a demonstrable underrepresentation of women. In recent years the UK government has focused to attention on workforce equality issues in construction. Thus, the lack of women in construction is a matter to consider. Several government initiatives have been introduced to promote construction careers to women; however they have yet to achieve the desired effect. Thus, this paper is based on research project funded by ESF which illustrated that, how the construction industry can successfully recruit and retain professional women by looking at other sectors such as medicine and marketing. Further, it was examined how those sectors have become an accessible career for women. Interviews were chosen as the most appropriate method for this study. The paper will be concluded with a comparative study of women in construction with marketing and medical sectors.

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