Kulatunga, Udayangani, Amaratunga, Dilanthi and Haigh, Richard (2010) Implementation of critical success factors in construction research and development process. International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology, 2 (9). pp. 94-106. ISSN 2141-2820

Construction research and development (R\&D) process has a number of issues that affect its success. These issues imply that Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of construction R\&D process are not properly addressed. Not knowing CSFs could lead to not implementing them and not paying proper attention for them. The study investigates CSFs of construction R\&D process and their implementation/consideration during the R\&D process. A comprehensive literature review was used first to develop construction R\&D process. CSFs and their implementation/consideration were evaluated by a questionnaire survey. Construction R\&D process was derived with four phases namely Initiation, Conceptualizing, Development and Launch and Management activities that support coordination and resourcing of R\&D process. Study revealed that, as a whole there is a gap between the importance of success factors against their implementation/consideration as majority of CSFs are not properly implemented compared to the importance attached to them. Keywords: Construction R\&D process, Critical success factors, Implementation, Consideration

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