Pascal, M, Lamont, C.L.A., Baumgartel, P., Terborg, R., Hoeft, J.T., Schaff, O., Polcik, M., Bradshaw, A.M., Toomes, R.L. and Woodruff, D.P. (2000) Photoelectron diffraction study of the Ag(110)-(2×1)-O reconstruction. Surface Science, 464 (2-3). pp. 83-90. ISSN 0039-6028

The structure of the (2×1)-O adsorption phase on Ag(110) has been determined using scanned-energy mode photoelectron diffraction. The oxygen atoms have been found to occupy the long-bridge site and are almost coplanar with the top layer of silver atoms. The best agreement between multiple-scattering theory and experiment has been obtained for a missing-row (or equivalently an ‘added-row’) reconstruction in which the first-to-second and second-to-third interlayer spacings are 1.55±0.06 Å and 1.33±0.06 Å, respectively. Alternative buckled-row and unreconstructed surface models can be excluded.

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