Belling, Patrick K., Suss, Joel and Ward, Paul (2013) Investigating constraints on decision making strategies. In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making. Arpege Science, pp. 133-138. ISBN 9791092329001

Recently, researchers have focused on how individuals generate different courses of action (i.e.,
options) on-the-fly, and predict the options to be taken by others. When generating predictive
options, previous research supports the use of cognitive mechanisms described by Long Term
Working Memory (LTWM) theory (Ericsson & Kintsch, 1995; Ward, Ericsson, & Williams,
2012). However, when generating response options, previous research supports the use of the
Take-The-First (TTF) heuristic (Johnson & Raab, 2003). The current research investigates the
effect of time constraint on option generation behavior. Our results provide further support for the
use of LTWM mechanisms during prediction, but support was observed for TTF only during
response without time constraint. When participants responded under time pressure, they shifted
towards a LTWM-type strategy. Modifications to the cognitive-process level description of
decision making during response are proposed and implications for training during both prediction
and response are discussed.

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