Cassidy, Tracy Diane (2009) Fashionitis: Can the colours we wear affect our health. In: International Federation of Fashion & Textiles (IFFTI) 2009, 31st March to 3rd April, London College of Fashion.

Colour therapy is a popular ancient healing art that makes use of colour vibrational energies to balance and harmonise the body’s subtle energies and physical organs in order to create a state of holistic well-being and good health. Vibrational medicine uses Einsteinian and Quantum Physics theories, which considers the human body to be a dynamic energy system. Vibrational medicines are thought to work through the body’s ability to absorb and emit energies through the skin and affecting the resonation of its cells and organs. Suppressed negative energy is thought to eventually transpire as an emotional dysfunction which in turn further transpires into a physical disorder (dis-ease). Negative energies are considered to be toxic in nature and akin to other harmful radiations such as those emitted from electrical appliances. These invisible electromagnetic frequencies are the subject of epidemiological studies and include imbalances or blockages to the human energy system caused by the affects of nutritional and chemical changes and electromagnetic tensions from the environment (Gerber, R, 2000). Energies that work in harmony with the body are considered to be positive, whereas negative energies and excesses of energy frequencies create imbalances in the human energy system resulting in illness. Negative energies therefore need to be released and the energy system replenished with positive energies. Given that frequencies of colour are thought to have the potential to rebalance the energy system, by introducing energies that the system is lacking or by dissipating excess energies; and that coloured fabrics act as colour filters, then it is possible that the colours we wear affect our health. This paper considers the theories of colour as a vibrational energy and its potential to affect our physical and emotional health through the proximity of the colours we wear.

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