Cassidy, Tracy Diane (2009) How the colours we wear may affect our health. In: Association Internationale de la Couleur AIC2009, 28th September - 2nd October 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Colour therapy is a vibrational medicine based on Einsteinian and Quantum Physics theories using colour vibrational energies to rebalance the body’s subtle energies to create states of holistic well-being. It is thought that vibrational medicines affect the resonation of the body’s cells and organs through the body’s ability to absorb and emit electromagnetic energies through the skin. In epidemiological studies the effects of these invisible energies, environmental electromagnetic energies and nutritional and chemical changes in the body and are of particular research interest (Gerber1). Positive energies are considered to work in harmony with the body. However there are harmful energies, or negative energies that create imbalances which are thought to result in physical illness. Also when the body is subjected to prolonged and excessive amounts of a frequency it is thought to eventual act as a negative energy (a type of electromagnetic pollution) first affecting psychological and emotional health followed by physical illness or disease (dis-ease). The application of coloured fabrics to the skin is a method used to allow the body to absorb the required frequency to rebalance the energy system. Given that the colour frequencies of fabrics can be used to alter energies to heal the body then it must be possible for the reverse to happen. This paper contemplates vibrational energy theories in relation clothing to support the hypothesis that the colours we wear may affect our health.

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