Gies, Sheila and Cassidy, Tracy Diane (2009) Brazilian Portuguese Words for Design. In: Words for Design International Workshop, 24th & 25th October 2009, Corfu, Greece.

Brazilian Portuguese is the Portuguese spoken in Brazil, which has slight differences from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. One may try to understand such differences by comparing them with the dissimilarities between the American English and the British English. Although this article does not intend to establish potential differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese spoken in other countries, such as Portugal, it is important to bear in mind that divergences in meaning of words for Design in Portuguese in different places may happen, following the historical, cultural, social and economic concerns of each place.
Words for design in Brazilian Portuguese are rich in diversity. Naturally, the multiplicity of words has similarities in their denotative meanings, and some of these words are synonyms. Each particular meaning may be considered complementary to another for a closer understanding of what the English term means, for there is no single Brazilian Portuguese word which would translate the complexity of the word design in a precise and succinct way. This is perhaps the main reason why the English word design is largely adopted in Brazil.

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