Hart, M. P., Fuller, Graham, Brown, D.R., Park, C., Keane, M.A., Dale, J.A., Fougret, C.M. and Cockman, R.W. (2001) Acidities and catalytic activities of persulfonated poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) ion-exchange resins. Catalysis Letters, 72 (3/4). pp. 135-141. ISSN 1011372X

A series of macroporous sulfonated poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) ion-exchange resins with varying levels of sulfonation have been prepared. The acidities of these resins have been measured calorimetrically by ammonia sorption. Catalytic activities have been measured in two liquid-phase reactions: the dehydration of 1-hexanol under flow conditions and the hydration of propene as a batch process. The molar enthalpies of ammonia sorption show that the strength of the acid sites increases as the level of sulfonation is increased; catalytic activities follow the same trend. The most active resins are those that have been sulfonated at levels above one sulfonic acid group per aromatic ring (persulfonated). These persulfonated resins also show higher thermal stabilities than conventional resins (sulfonated at just below one acid group per aromatic ring).

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