Nawi, N. M. N., Anuar, H. S. and Lee, Angela (2013) A Review of IBS Malaysian Current and Future Study. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, 2 (10). ISSN 2278-0181

Malaysia considers the construction industry as one of the main contributors for the country?s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) towards a developed country by 2020. In view of that, Malaysian Government proposed a new strategy through industrialization technology called Industrialized Building System (IBS). Although IBS was introduced since 40 years ago, with well- documented benefits and strong support from the Government, the pace of implementation and usage of IBS is still slow and below of the Government target. Current literature found out that investigation by many researchers mostly focusses on technical (hard) issues such as design structure, material testing and product development rather than on the studies related to management or soft issues, such as vendor development programs, readiness of practices, collaborative and integrated design, and supply chain processes. With regards to the challenge, this research is hoped to highlight issues pertaining on supply chain perspective towards the betterment of the IBS implementation in the Malaysian construction industry. Therefore, this paper will review the trend of Malaysian IBS in the current construction industry. Later on, followed by suggestions for the future work for more efficient and effective IBS implementation in Malaysia.

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