Bungau, Cristian, Bungau, Adriana, Cywinski, Robert, Edgecock, R. and Fletcher, Matt (2014) Alternative target designs for power upgrade of the TS1 target at the ISIS Neutron Facility. In: ICANS XXI: International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources, 29th September - 3rd October 2014, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan. (Unpublished)

ISIS is one of the world’s most powerful spallation neutron sources for the study of material structures and dynamics. Currently ISIS has two spallation targets, TS1 operating at proton beam powers of up to 200 kW, and TS2 operating to 45 kW. This paper focuses upon an upgrade study of TS1 with the goal of increasing the ultimate operating power to 1 MW and beyond. During this study we have taken into consideration the necessity of maintaining the spallation neutron pulse width at current values. The increased heat deposition was monitored and the target plates dimensions were modified to take this into account. Preliminary studies of an alternative molten metal target capable to cope with a higher power are also included.

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