Dandis, Ala, Wright, Len Tiu and Cai, Huifen (2014) The Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Customer's Loyalty in Jordan Islamic Bank. In: 47th Academy of Marketing Conference AM2014, 7th-10th July 2014, Bournemouth, UK.

Purpose ‐ The main objective of this paper is to "explore how service quality and customer
satisfaction impact on a customer's loyalty in JIB.
Design/methodology/approach ‐ A quantitative methodology was adopted to examine the proposed
model and hypotheses. A questionnaire was randomly distributed to a sample of 100 to those
visiting the JIB in Amman city and 78 were returned. SPSS was used to analyse the data.
Findings ‐ The results show that service quality dimensions impact significantly and positively upon
customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is positively related to customer loyalty.
Responsiveness demonstrates the highest positive correlation with customer satisfaction and
reliability shows the least positive correlation with customer satisfaction.
Practical Implications: JIB should focus on continuous improvement of service quality due to its
direct effect over customer satisfaction and ultimately loyalty. Managers should pay attention to the
quality provided by their employees and develop them through training and education programmes
in Islamic knowledge.
Originality/Value: As the first study of its kind in Jordan, the paper's contribution stems from
fulfilling the research gap in examining effects of service quality and customer satisfaction impacting
on customer loyalty in JIB .

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