Barber, Claire (2013) PinPoint 13: Contemporary Miniature Textile Works. [Show/Exhibition]

Contemporary miniature works that express a sustained conversation with materials.
The selecting panel included leading figures within the textile art world, Polly Binns and Linda Brassington, who worked in collaboration with the Directors of One Church Street Gallery. The gallery has been particularly keen to focus on the delicate space that artists navigate between fine craft and fine art.

In ‘You Are the Journey’ (Barber and Webb) is a public artwork on a ticket. My vision of public art is informed by my exposure to textile forms and skills in an attempt to work out proposals that merge the relationship between art and day to day life. An allegory of textiles is applied to the concept of engaging with the ticket, with weave technologies appropriated into its form and used as a correlation to the commuter patterns created across Southampton Water. Since its completion there have been two routes to create new work. The Directors of the ferry company continue to use our template on the front of their ticket, reflecting the impact of public art at its most ephemeral, while I am weaving onto the front of discarded tickets, to replace the allegory of weave with the actuality of textiles that bring an illusion of functionality.

You Are the Journey No 06389, woven textile and paper tickets

Download (296kB) | Preview
You Are the Journey No 08421, woven textile and paper ticket

Download (306kB) | Preview


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