Aouad, Ghassan, Hinks, J., Cooper, R., Sheath, D., Kagioglou, Mike and Sexton, M. (1998) An information technology (IT) map for a generic design and construction process protocol. Journal of Construction Procurement, 4 (2). pp. 132-151. ISSN 1358-9180

It is widely acknowledged that work undertaken later in any product development process costs relatively more than that conducted early in the process (Gause and Weinbery, 1989). Research currently underway at the University of Salford in the development of a generic design and construction process protocol has highlighted the need for greater "front-end" activity in the process. Many of the potential benefits associated with an improved process can be realised with significant Information Technology (IT) support. Indeed, the IT will only achieve profound change if its introduction and use is linked to changes in the overall conduct of the design and construction process. This paper presents an IT map that supports an improved design and construction process. This IT map should be looked at as an enabler and not as a driver of the process.

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