Gfader, Verina, Höflich, Ruth and Reardon, John (2014) PROSPECTUS at LAABF Printed Matter's Los Angeles Art Book Fair. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)


With the launch of PROSPECTUS (Artschool/UK 2013), the publishing collective (Verina Gfader, John Reardon, Ruth Höflich) initiates a series of post-PROSPECTUS events and actions for LAABF 2014, including panel discussion and reading in the Classroom, production of flag, and distribution of posters via their book in the Friendly Fire section. Posters by Paul Bailey, David Blamey, Gürsoy Doğtaş, Samuel Dowd, Oliver Lerone Schultz, Ruth Maclennan and Simon O'Sullivan ... Artschool/UK is a self-organised artistic entity based in London.

The Classroom
After five years at the NY Art Book Fair, The Classroom makes its inaugural trip to the west coast for LAABF14. This curated series of informal conversations, workshops, readings and other artist-led programs is also an informal venue for artists, writers and publishers to feature new releases and present their publications, organised by David Senior of the Museum of Modern Art Library. Located in Gallery D.


11:00 am - 1:00 pm
PRO–SPECTUS: Materials of the Future – How can we speculate
In conjunction with the launch of PROSPECTUS (ARTSCHOOL/UK, 2013), the publishing collective moderates a discursive event, expanding the topics of the book around academies and factories, art schooling and extra-institutional frameworks, into new enquiries of future materials. Themes of secondary knowledge, wildflower poetries, botanical diasporas, artistic agency and experimental analytical models, are addressed in a mix of informal panel discussion, poster distribution, reading and screening, including Fritz Haeg, Mark Allen of Machine Project, Johnnie JungleGuts / Kchung community radio station, and P.collective (John Reardon, Verina Gfader, Ruth Höflich). A limited edition flag by Ruth Höflich will be produced to coincide with the event.

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