Laxton, Julie, Dagg, Paul, Hargreaves, Janet, Laverick, Duane and Mitchell, Carrie (2013) Student collaboration in developing an on-line self assessment tool, to enhance development for student and newly qualified professionals. Compass: the journal of learning and teaching, 7. ISSN 2044-0081

A “Competence in Practice” (CiPA) self assessment tool was developed initially as a research instrument as part of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings. The tool asks a series of questions against which participants self-rate their preparedness for practice. A working group then created software from this that is used as a formative exercise to rate confidence and perceived competence in practice. This freely available package ( ) responds with feedback to individual users on their self evaluation, facilitating reflection and guided supervision. The development involved an innovative, collaborative partnership with academics and students, who undertook the work as a paid project as well as actively participating in workshops and conferences. Working collaboratively was a powerful experience for all involved. This case study presents the development of the tool, focusing on the collaborative aspects of the work. Working collaboratively with students in this manner enabled many positive outcomes and lessons for the future.

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