Clarke, Michael (2013) Tim(br)e 2. [Composition]

Originally commissioned by Musicon and first performed in Durham in 2009, Tim(br)e 2 was revised in 2013 with performances at the SMC conference (Stockholm) in July 2013 and at ICMC 2013 (Perth) in August 2013.

Tim(br)e 2 is a fixed media work in 16 channels for 3D speaker array. The spatial aspect was developed in the SRIF-funded SPIRAL studio at Huddersfield using spatialisation techniques based on research into Stockhausen’s approach in Oktophonie (documented in the portfolio items below). It takes the concept of multiple planes of sound and extends this to larger loudspeaker arrays using self-produced software (incorporating IRCAM’s SPAT technology) to enable more flexible, real-time, ways of working.

All the sounds are derived from a single 14-second recorded oboe phrase. My fog~ algorithm (from earlier research with Xavier Rodet at IRCAM) is used for all the transformations, ranging from timbres to complex granular textures, playing particularly with the ambiguity between time and timbre. Advantage is taken of recent increases in computing power to research more complex transformations using real-time studio manipulation.

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