Hearn, Jeff (2013) Contradictory male/masculine/men's "I"s : the unwriting of men and the concept of gex. Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, 66. pp. 13-24. ISSN 0211-5913

May I start with two observations? First, men's relations to feminism are problematic-there is always a gap, a gap Between Men and feminism; second, the gendering of men and masculinity ties is now Recognised. There are several challenges here. The gender challenge concernshowto move from the Presumed "genderlessness" of men towards the gender-consciousness of being a man / men. Another challenge Concerns the "public / private," the disruption of dominant narratives of "I" of men and the masculine "I." There is Also a temporary challenge, of moving away from mere linearity of the "I." Together, These challenges can be seen as moving away from taken-for-granted "gender power-coherence" towards gender power-consciousness. To These kinds of question address means interrogating the uneven non-equivalences of what it means to be male, a man, masculine. This is Not Easily reduced to sex or gender. Rather gender / sex, or simply gex, Helps to speak of Such blurrings.

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