Bungau, Adriana, Barlow, Roger, Alonso, J.R., Conrad, J.M., Spitz, M. and Shaevitz, M.H. (2013) Optimisation Studies of a High Intensity Electron Antineutrino Source. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Particle Accelerator Conference. IPAC 2013 . JACoW, Shanghai, China, pp. 449-451. ISBN 978-3-95450-122-9

ISODAR (Isotopes-Decay-At-Rest) is a novel, high intensity source of electron antineutrinos produced by the decay of Li-8 isotopes, which aims for searches for physics beyond the standard model. The Li-8 isotopes are produced in the inelastic interactions of low energy protons or deuterons with a Beryllium target. In addition the Li-8 is produced in the surrounding materials by secondary neutrons. This paper focuses on the optimisation of the base design target, moderator and reflector.

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