Aberle, C., Adelmann, A., Alonso, J., Barletta, W.A., Barlow, R., Bartoszek, L., Bungau, Adriana, Calanna, A., Campo, D., Calabretta, L., Celona, L., Colin, G., Conrad, J.M., de Gouvea, A., Djurcic, Z., Gammino, S., Garisto, D., Gutierrez, R., Johnson, R.R., Kamyshkov, Y., Karagiorgi, G., Kolano, A., Labrecque, F., Loinaz, W., Okuno, H., Papavassiliou, V., Scholberg, K., Shaevitz, M.H., Shimizu, I., Spitz, M., Skuhersky, K., Terao, K., Toups, M., Vagins, M., Winklehner, L.A., Winslow, L.A. and Yang, J.J. (2013) Whitepaper on the DAEDALUS Program. Other. arXiv, Huddersfield, UK.

This whitepaper describes the status of the DAEdALUS program for development
of high power cyclotrons as of the time of the final meeting of the Division of
Particles and Fields 2013 Community Study ("Snowmass"). We report several new
results, including a measurement capability between 4 and 12 degrees on the CP
violating parameter in the neutrino sector. Past results, including the
capability of the IsoDAR high Dm^2 antielectron neutrino disappearance search,
are reviewed. A discussion of the R&D successes, including construction of a
beamline teststand, and future plans are provided. This text incorporates short
whitepapers written for subgroups in the Intensity Frontier and Frontier
Capabilities Working Groups that are available on the Snowmass website.

Available under License Creative Commons Attribution.

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