Sharifi, Hossein, Ismail, Hossam and Reid, Iain (2009) Framework for Developing an Agile Future-Proof Supply Chain. In: Dispersed Manufacturing Networks. Springer, pp. 131-153. ISBN 9781848824683

Two of the key elements that define a supply chain are “product”, as the output of the business, and “supply chain operations”, as the means of delivering the output. The processes of designing and developing each of these two elements are highly inter-related across more than one dimension. Many of the drawbacks in the success and sustainability of supply chains often relate to the misalignment of these two elements in one or more dimensions. In this chapter an integrated approach is proposed to facilitate the dynamic and simultaneous design and development of products and supply chains, thus contributing to the notion of agile supply chains. A framework is developed and, through a field case study observation, a number of issues raised in the framework are discussed and validated. An implementation model is also proposed in which the practical aspects of the framework stages are presented.

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