Horseman, Samantha Marie (2012) Dynamic Relationships between the Sonic Artist, the Sonic Artwork and its Audience: an Investigation through Theoretically Informed Creative Practice. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

The following portfolio of sonic artworks and accompanying commentary comprises creative and theoretical research undertaken between 2008 and 2012. Alongside a portfolio and commentary of sonic artworks, it will also feature an exposition of the theoretical concepts that have propelled and informed their creation. At the centre of the research is the development of an integrated theoretical and creative practice in sonic art.

I will discuss the context that has led me, as a creative practitioner, to question the nature of the dynamic relationships that potentially operate between both sonic and physical media and the perceptive occupant that inhabits the artwork. The concept of a tri-polar dynamic forms the theoretical crux of this project. It outlines the potential for the perceptive occupant to play a completing role within the portfolio of sonic artworks: a kinetic activation of dormant syncretic potential held within the artistic materials. Influenced by the philosophical models of Nattiez, Kramer, Merleau-Ponty, Delueze and Guattari, the works also explore satellite topics of temporality, the internal monologue and phenomenology. The commentary outlines the creative processes involved in the development of the artworks focussing in particular on how they embody and activate aspects of the tri-polar dynamic. The overarching aim of the research is the development of an integrated approach of both a theoretical and creative exploration of a selfreferential theme: the dynamic relationships between myself as the sonic artist, the creative media with which I work and the perceptive occupant.

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