Walsh, Jane C., Leonard, Sinead, Kola, Susanna and Birrane, John (2013) Efficacy of an online intervention to promote uptake of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in women. In: 27th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, 16th - 20th July 2013, Bordeaux, France. (Unpublished)

Background: Educational interventions are fundamental to increasing knowledge of HPV. Educational interventions have focused on HPV as a sexually transmitted disease (STI) or as a causal factor in development of the illness. Gain-framed messages are more effective in promoting acceptance of the HPV vaccination (Gerend & Sheperd, 2007). Methods: A 3 (cervical cancer focused, cervical cancer/STI focused, and control) x 3 (baseline, immediate and one month follow-up) design was used to test the impact of an online intervention using positively framed messages on knowledge, PBC and intention to get HPV vaccine. Results: A significant interaction effect was found for knowledge about risks. Those in the cervical cancer condition displaying the greatest increases (F(4, 186)=2.54, p=.04). These differences did not, however, translate to intentions.
Discussion: The study suggested that a focus on cervical cancer risk in educational interventions cervical for HPV may be more effective in increasing risk awareness.