Sinha, Pammi, Hussey, Clare and Kelday, Fiona (2009) Responsible Design: Re-using/Recycling of Clothing. In: 8th European Academy Of Design Conference, 1–3 April 2009, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Textile and clothing recycling and reuse is an under researched field, but there is a growing body of literature driven by government concerns and policies about waste management. Studies (ERM, 2007) have noted that the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of clothing to landfill is significant enough to warrant a thorough examination of the opportunities for improving the reuse and recycling of clothing. Three issues have been identified that influence the management of textile waste: government (trade tariffs and policies); company (e.g. corporate social responsibility, location of production or manufacture); consumer (trends, tastes, spending capacity).

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