Baraklianou, Stella (2011) Pasearse. Duration and the act of photographing. In: Bergson and his post-modern legacies, Courtauld Institute of Art, February 25th - 26th 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

The aim of this paper is to consider the temporality of the photographic frame. The paradoxical nature of the photograph lies in a unique instant-moment when the image is transcribed onto the photographic frame. In order to open up this temporality, we must also situate the photographic act in its surrounding. Opening up the temporality of the photographic frame leads me to consider the meaning of pasearse. The nature of this instant is that at one moment (at the same time), it belongs to a plane of immanence (Spinoza) or the temporality of duree (Bergson). Pasearse is a self-reflexive active verb that opens up a temporality where immanence and being coincide. Pasearse can help to define the photographic instant, if instant is described as transference. It is a temporality that enfolds and incorporates the past whilst remaining open towards the present.

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