Baraklianou, Stella (2011) The photograph as pulsating event. In: Symposium Rhythm and Event, London Graduate School and Kingston, London, October 29th 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Rhythmic analysis in this instance will allow us to consider the advent not in representational terms, (depiction of subject matter) but rather in terms of how the affect of this event is communicated and experienced.
Digital technology can allow for us to consider the idea of a “pulsating time” a time that shimmers and reverberates in digitally coded algorithms that translate light into strings of mathematics. Damian Sutton has written on the subject of the “immanent” image and digital technolgies, Gilbert Simondon on the mode of existence of technological objects whilst Georges Didi Huberman has brought to the forefront an understanding or reading of images through “responsivity”.
Drawing from the above the idea of pulsating time as event, contained yet not stilled, within the photographic frame will be considered.

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