Bu, Wei, Cai, Huifen, Xiong, Yan and Xu, Ningshan (2011) Empirical Analysis of China’s use of FDI and Relationship between FDI and Foreign Trade. In: Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE). April 15th-17th 2011 . IEEE, Wuhan, China, pp. 1376-1379. ISBN 978-1-4244-8036-4

This article introduced the status quo of foreign direct investment (FDI) all over the world and the relative policy of governments from American subprime crisis; Analyzed China's status quo of FDI; At last, made empirical analysis respectively by making use of the data about China's FDI and export and surplus, the data about FDI from HONGKONG, TAIWAN, KOREA and the sum of them, and China's export to America and the surplus, and the finding is all of them are marked interrelated except TAIWAN

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