Reneman, Michiel, Burton, A. Kim, Brouwer, Sandra and McCluskey, Serena (2013) Work participation and chronic musculoskeletal pain. In: 4th UK-Dutch Rehabilitation Meeting, 18th - 19th April 2013, Harrogate, UK. (Submitted)

Work participation in people with chronic musculoskeletal pain depends on physical, psychological and social factors. The biopsychosocial approach is widely engaged in rehabilitation medicine. Over the past years, however, research and practice has seemed to focus on the ‘bio’ and the ‘psycho’ components, and has to a certain extent, neglected the ‘socio’ component. Over the past decade, evidence has emerged that social factors are equally relevant, and deserve a balanced amount of attention of clinicians and researchers.

During this mini-symposium, evidence will be presented that suggests we need to extend our thinking (and practice) beyond clinical concepts. Specifically, the presentations will assist the participants to reappraise the ‘socio’ component. Particular attention will be given to the workers’ personal system, the health care system, the workplace system, and the overall societal context which impacts our and our patients ‘daily functioning. For each ‘system’ the factors that serve as obstacles or facilitators for work participation in people with chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain will be presented. The impact of legislative and insurance systems will only be presented in general terms, because of the differences between the UK and The Netherlands.

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