Zhang, Yuqian, Cheung, Vien, Westland, Stephen and Beverley, Katharine J. (2009) Colour Management of a Low-Cost Four Colour Ink-Jet Printing System on Textiles. Coloration Technology, 125 (1). pp. 29-35.

A low-cost four-colour (RBYK) dye-based ink-jet printing system for textiles was introduced in this study, in which red and blue inks were employed instead of the magenta and cyan inks used in half-tone printing. The basis of a colour-management system for this device was developed by determining the mapping between XYZ tristimulus values of output colours and the digital RBYK values using polynomial transforms. A second-order equation was found to give the best performance with an average characterisation error of under 7 CIELAB units.

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