Al-Rajab, Murad and Lu, Joan (2012) Bioinformatics: an overview for cancer research. In: The 2012 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering & Applied Computing, July 16-19, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Bioinformatics is a new science that is glowing out in the recent years. It is a multidisciplinary science that is made out of different kinds of other scientific fields like biology, computer science, chemistry, statistics, mathematics and others. It was a big challenge for researchers to describe this new field in a systematic scientific way and bring out the attention of its applications and services; one of these important services that Bioinformatics can be applied in, is the cancer studies, research and therapies for many beneficial reasons. This paper will give a clear glance overview of bioinformatics, its definition, aims, applications, technologies, the large amount of data produced in the biological field and how bioinformatics can organize, analyze and store them, discuss some algorithms that can be implemented over bioinformatics data, and how to apply bioinformatics to discover and diagnose diseases like cancer.

BIC6192_Bioinformatics_an_overview_for_cancer_research.pdf - Accepted Version

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