Carr, Martin (2008) Multiple subfamilies of mariner transposable elements are present in stalk-eyed flies (Diptera: Diopsidae). Genetica, 132 (2). pp. 113-122. ISSN 0016-6707

The Diopsid stalk-eyed flies are an increasingly well-studied group. Presented here is evidence of the first known transposable elements discovered in these flies. The vertumnana mariner subfamily was identified in the Diopsini tribe, but could not be amplified in species of the Sphyracephalini tribe. PCR screening with degenerate primers revealed that multiple mariner subfamilies are present within the Diopsidae. Most of the sequenced elements appear to be pseudogenes; however two subfamilies are shown to be evolving under purifying selection, raising the possibility that mariner is active in some Diopsid species. Evidence is presented of a possible horizontal transfer event involving an unknown Teleopsis species and the Tephritid fly Bactrocera neohumeralis.

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