Peach, K. J., Cobb, J.H., Sheehy, S. L., Witte, H., Yokoi, T., Aslaninejad, M., Easton, M.J., Pasternak, J., Barlow, Roger, Owen, H.L., Tygier, S.C., Beard, C.D., McIntosh, P.A., Smith, S.L., Tzenov, S.I., Bliss, N., Edgecock, R., Pozimski, J.K., Rochford, J., Fenning, R.J.L., Khan, A., Johnstone, C., Jones, B., Vojnovic, B., Kelliher, D.J., Machida, S., Rogers, C.T. and Seviour, Rebecca (2009) PAMELA Overview : design goals and principles. In: Proceedings of the 23rd Particle Accelerator Conference 4 – 8 May 2009 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. JACoW, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 3142-3144.

The PAMELA (Particle Accelerator for MEdicaL
Applications) project is to design an
accelerator for proton and light ion therapy
using non-scaling Fixed Field Alternating
Gradient (FFAG) accelerators, as part of the
CONFORM project, which is also constructing
the EMMA electron model of a non-scaling
FFAG at Daresbury. This paper presents
an overview of the PAMELA design, and a
discussion of the design goals and the principles
used to arrive at a preliminary specification
of the accelerator.

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