Fenning, R, Machida, S, Kelliher, D, Khan, A and Edgecock, R. (2012) High-order dispersion suppression for FFAG-based optics. Journal of Instrumentation, 7 (05). P05011-P05011. ISSN 1748-0221

The resurgence of interest in FFAG type magnets has motivated the desire for high-order dispersion suppression to aid the development of dispersion-free straight sections to currently circular designs. In scaling FFAGs, dispersion suppression can only be achieved over a limited momentum range and breaks down as high-order chromatic aberration terms become significant. However by breaking the scaling law and varying the individual multipole components, these can be compensated for and a design for high-order dispersion suppression achieved. This paper presents a process for doing so and discusses the impact on beta functions, as well as the effect of magnet positioning errors.

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