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Welcome to ‘Ensemble Physical Theatre’ – a site dedicated to the research work of John Britton.

This work concerns the training of performers in ensemble contexts – specifically a psychophysical approach to training what Britton calls the ‘self-with-others’.  The work has been developed by Britton since he began working as a performer and director  in Ensemble Physical Theatre in the UK in 1989. Since 1999 he has specifically focused on developing the approaches to training that are addressed on this site.

The training is designed for all performers who work through their bodies – actors, dancers, circus performers, musicians. It has been further developed to serve creativity training and to enhance people’s ability to teach, from primary to professional level. This site however focuses on the core training, as run by Britton at the University of Huddersfield (where he is Course Leader for the MA Ensemble Physical Theatre: Training & Performance)and as a guest teacher at The Swedish Ballet Academy, National Institute of Circus Arts (Melbourne), ESMAE (Portugal),  National University of Mexico, Au Brana Cultural Centre (France) and in numerous other countries and institutions.

On this site you can find a brief outline of the core principles that underpin the training, video footage of core elements of the training, links to published and unpublished writings by Britton concerning this training, information about DUENDE, an ensemble  company based on these training processes, as well as information about upcoming workshops and various other information.

If you would like to comment on anything, please feel free to email John Britton at: j.w.britton@hud.ac.uk

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