Chamberlain, Franc (2009) Review of: The Rhythm of Space and the Sound of Time: Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique in the 21st Century by Cynthia Ashperger, Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York, NY, 2008 978-90-420-2387-1. Leonardo Reviews.

Divided into five chapters plus an introduction, a short conclusion, and appendices, The Rhythm of Space and the Sound of Time commences with an exploration of the philosophical and spiritual influences on Michael Chekhov’s technique, before moving into an extended consideration of recent developments in Chekhovian pedagogy. Focusing on the work of the Michael Chekhov Association (MICHA), Ashperger examines the practice of eight key teachers of the technique: Joanna Merlin, Fern Sloan, Ted Pugh, Slava Kokorin, Sarah Kane, Lenard Petit, David Zinder, and Per Brahe. By cross-referencing the work of these teachers to the work of each other and Chekhov’s own instructions for teachers, as well as to her own work as a teacher, Ashperger provides a valuable insight into current practice. The inclusion of critically reflective documentation from both her own experience as a student of the technique and that of her students provides an important dimension to the discussion, ensuring that the student experience is kept in mind throughout. The appendices include descriptions of, and reflections on, eighteen key exercises from the technique and variations, some of which are published here for the first time.

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