Clarke, Michael, Watkins, A., Adkins, Monty and Bokowiec, Mark (2004) Sybil: Synthesis by Interactive Learning. In: International Computer Music Conference 2004, 1-6 November 2004, Miami.

This paper introduces Sybil, an interactive tool for assisting in the teaching of sound synthesis and processing. We have created a ‘browser’ in MSP that permits patchers to be assembled into a structured learning package. All the sophistication and flexibility of MSP is available. Sybil provides text accompanied by examples that students can manipulate in real-time, hearing the results and seeing the effect of their changes on the signal and spectrum. This link between theory and practice greatly enhances the learning experience and makes an important link from theory to the creative potential of these techniques. Sybil works on three
(1) there are the modules we have created,
(2) being written in MSP the program is easily extensible, (3) students learning to use MSP themselves may use the patchers that generate sound in Sybil as the basis for further exploration or creative work. A demonstration will accompany the paper.

sybil_icmc04.pdf - Accepted Version

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