Flavell, W.R., Hoad, D.R.C., Mian, M., Morris, B.C., Roberts, A.J., Sarker, M.M., Wincott, P.L., Teehan, D. and Bailey, Paul (1994) Surface electronic structure of complex B-metal perovskites. Surface Science, 307-30 (2). pp. 1166-1171. ISSN 0039-6028

We present photoemission results for two systems, SrSn1−xSbxO3 and its row 6 analogue, BaPb1−xBix03. The variation in electronic structure as a function of composition is explored, particularly in the region of the metal-to-nonmetal transitions. In the case of the Sr system, dramatic surface segregation of Sb is revealed. This is analogous to that observed in Sn1−xSbx02. Resonant photoemission at oxygen and metal thresholds is used to explore the character of the valence band and gap states in these materials.