Mikheeva, M.N., Nazin, V.G., Svishchev, A.V., Law, D.S.-L., Turner, Tracy, Bailey, Paul, Teehan, D., Barilo, S.N. and Gritskov, P.V. (1993) Low temperature photoemission study of La2CuO4+x single crystals. Surface Science, 287-28 (2). pp. 662-666. ISSN 0039-6028

New angle-resolved photoemission results obtained using synchrotron radiation of 15–40 eV from cleaved La2CuO4+x single crystals at a temperature of about 30 K are presented. We have observed spectral enhancements at photon energies around 17 eV that are consistent with autoionization resonance excitations of the hybridized La 5p-O 2s states to O 2p empty states. The crystal surface was found to be unstable. A broad feature around 5 eV binding energy that could be caused by surface reconstruction was observed.

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