Vanin, Stefano (2012) Carrion breeding fauna from a grass snake (Natrix natrix) found in an artificial nest. Lavoro Societa Veneziana di Scienze Naturali, 37. pp. 73-76.

Due to the Increasing interest and application of the forensic entomological method in crime investigation, at the date Concerning the carrion fauna are important breeding and Fundamental in the definition of the carrion colonization waves and in order to describe the seasonality of the species. This short note deals with the recovery of Several species of beetles and flies on a dead grass snake. The snake was found in an artificial nest During March at the Natural Reserve "Bosco della Fontana" (Mantova, Italy). The fly species, Calliphora nearby (Calliphoridae) and Tephrochlamys flavipes (Heleomyzidae) are typical of the cold season. A large number of Silphidae ( Nicrophorus HUMATOR ) and Staphylinidae ( Proteinus ovalis , Aleochara curtula and Bisnius subuliformis ) Also have Been Collected

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