Polcik, M., Allegretti, D., Savago, D.I., Nisbet, Gareth, Lamont, C.L.A. and Woodruff, D.P. (2004) Circular Dichroism in Core Level Photoemission from an Adsorbed Chiral Molecule. Physical Review Letters, 92 (23). p. 236103. ISSN 00319007

The results of experimental measurements and theoretical simulations of circular dichroism in the angular dependence (CDAD) of photoemission from atomic core levels of each of the enantiomers of a chiral molecule, alanine, adsorbed on Cu(110) are presented. Measurements in, and out of, substrate mirror planes distinguish CDAD due to the chirality of the sample and the experimental geometry. The effect due to sample chirality is relatively weak, so such measurements may not provide a routine spectral fingerprint of adsorbate chirality

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