McNichol, Al (2012) Exploring an extended sound universe for composing in 11-14 music curricula. Proceedings of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference (EMS12).

An extended sound universe is available for composing in 11-14 music curricula using new technology. It offers pedagogic opportunities for pupils to learn about composing music by exploring sonic possibilities that exist beyond traditional paradigms based on pitch, time and timbre. The potential for pupils to explore creative thinking as part of the composing process is increased, to shape and structure sounds in ways showing meaningful intention. However, recent investigations in a context of the National Curriculum for England found there was insufficient use of digital technology in 11-14 music education and often it’s use is for basic MIDI sequencing and notational score writing (Ofsted 2009; Savage 2010). It is the potential and the challenge of the convergence of new technology, original music composition and composing pedagogy at 11-14 years that is the focus of this paper. It considers theoretical issues and discusses learning resources for developing music composition practice in the classroom

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