Ousey, Karen (2012) Introduction to Supplement 8(2): The identification and management of moisture lesions. Wounds UK, 8 (2). S3. ISSN 1746-6814

Moisture lesions, moisture ulcers, perineal dermatitis, diaper dermatitis and incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) all refer to skin damage caused by excessive moisture. Yet there is often confusion between pressure ulcers and this kind of lesion. Distinguishing between the two is of clinical importance since prevention and treatment are quite different for each (Defloor et al, 2005a). Due to the location of moisture lesions, they are often mistaken for pressure ulcers (Defloor et al, 2005b), however, skin damage as a result of excessive moisture is defined as being associated with incontinence and not pressure or shear (Defloor et al, 2005a), although moisture can contribute to the formation of pressure ulcers (EPUAP and NPUAP, 2009).

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