Bungau, Adriana, Barlow, Roger, Shaevitz, Michael, Conrad, Janet, Spitz, Joshua and Smidt, Tess (2012) Simulations of pion production in the Daedalus targets. In: Proceedings of IPAC2012. IPAC, pp. 4148-4150. ISBN 9783954501151

DAEDALUS, the Decay At-rest Experiment for DCP at a
Laboratory for Underground Science will look for evidence
of CP-violation in the neutrino sector, an ingredient in theories
that seek to explain the matter/antimatter asymmetry
in our universe. It will make a precision measurement of
the oscillations of muon antineutrinos to electron antineutrinos
using multiple neutrino sources created by low-cost
compact cyclotrons. The experiment utilizes decay-at-rest
neutrino beams produced by 800 MeV protons impinging
a beam target of graphite and copper. Two well established
Monte Carlo codes, MARS and GEANT4, have been used
to optimise the design and the performance of the target. A
study of the results obtained with these two codes is presented
in this paper.


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