Chrystyn, Henry and Niederlaender, C. (2012) The Genuair® inhaler: a novel, multidose dry powder inhaler. International Journal of Clinical Practice, 66 (3). pp. 309-317. ISSN 1368-5031

This article reviews the Genuair® inhaler, a novel, multidose, breath-actuated dry powder inhaler. The inhaler design includes visual and acoustic feedback to reassure patients that they have taken their medication correctly, a dose indicator and a lock-out mechanism to prevent the use of an empty inhaler. The inhaler has medium airflow resistance and uses an optimised dispersion system to ensure effective deagglomeration of the inhalation powder. In vitro studies have demonstrated that the inhaler delivers a reproducible aerodynamic aerosol quality and is reliable under various thermal and mechanical stress conditions. Further studies in vitro have demonstrated that the total emitted dose and fine particle dose are both consistent over a range of inhalation flows from 45 to 95 l/min, as well as being independent of inhalation volume (2 l vs. 4 l) and storage conditions. In healthy subjects, delivery of aclidinium bromide 200 μg via the inhaler achieved high lung deposition (approximately 30% of the metered dose). A further study has shown that patients with moderate or severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can generate sufficient inspiratory airflow through the inhaler to reliably inhale the full dose and reset the inhaler. The inhaler has been used to deliver aclidinium in many clinical trials and the available data indicate that it has high acceptability amongst patients.

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