Lewis, Chara, Mojsiewicz, Kristin and Pettican, Anneké (2010) Inside Out Sculpture in the Digital Age. [Show/Exhibition]

Inside Out is both title and theme for this compelling international touring exhibition which focuses on emerging digital design techniques and the growth of sophisticated rapid prototyping tools and methods. It features a unique set of forty-six miniature sculptures produced in resin using stereo-lithography (3D printing) or rapid prototyping technologies.

The exhibition is the outcome of an exchange programme between art school centres and artist groups in the United Kingdom and Australia and will be launched in both countries in 2010.

The theme, Inside Out, represents an exploration of the boundaries between virtuality and physicality and their cognitive differences. The artists involved may not even have physically sighted the sculptures before being exhibited.

This exhibition of sculptures reveals how developments in virtual computer visualisation and integrated digital technologies, alongside established techniques, can give contemporary makers new insight and opportunities to create objects and forms which were previously impossible to produce or difficult to envisage.

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