Newman, D.M. and Panchmatia, Pooja M. (2003) Nanoscale silver oxide: A rewritable optical recording medium. IEE Proceedings - Science, Measurement and Technology, 150 (5). pp. 214-217. ISSN 13502344

Measurements are presented that demonstrate the possibility of rewritable optical recording on nanoscale silver oxide films. Three different sputtering techniques are studied, seeking an optimum and requisite film structure. Estimates of the energy requirements of the recording process are made for comparison with conventional thermal-based recording mechanisms. The recording process appears purely photonic and does not require optical heating to bring about the reversible physical changes that constitute the presence or absence of data. Although more complex than conventional optical recording techniques in that it requires the use of different wavelengths for the write and readout processes, and the presence or absence of data is signified by the emission or lack of radiation at yet a third wavelength, the advantages of its nonthermal nature should outweigh this additional complexity.

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