Lally, Colm and Gfader, Verina (2008) Condensation revisited - A Lecture on Pigments:3. In: Proceedings of ISEA 2008: The 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art. International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Singapore, pp. 285-287.

Verina Gfader and Colm Lally are concerned with notions of event and event structures. They are interested in how such dynamics re-emerge in contemporary practices informed by new technologies, more particularly where the event shapes and to some degree triggers our understanding of a �site�, the construction of dialogues, the artistic inter-vention, and social processes. This enquiry includes questions around where �art might not/happen�; how �place� can be understood as a site of potential for things to happen (a gallery, a space, a conversation); or how practitioners make use of spaces that are significant for their work as condition for it to take place

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