Almond, Kevin and Brennand, Kathryn (2012) Insufficient Allure The Art of Creative Pattern Cutting. In: ROTOЯ Programme Part 1. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK, p. 4. ISBN 9781862181021

Pattern Cutting is a series of body measurements that ultimately creates a three dimensional shape to accomodate a human body. The moist traditional method is through flat pattern cutting, which inviolves creating a block pattern that fits the human form and adapting and manipulating the block to create the desired shape, as dictated by the design. Other significant methgods of cutting include draping on the stand and tailoring.
Creative pattern making is a craft-based skill that extends tha boundaries of fashion design and traditional tailoring to inovate new spheres of body shape. Insufficient Allure features a series of clothing compositions or toiles and a series of corresponding photographs which show complex pattern cuts and loose layers of fabric constructed imaginatively and then placed onto the design to create accentuated forms. Insufficient Allure locates the role of the pattern cutter as a highly skilled craftperson within the fashion industry, one which is as significant and creative as the elevated position of the fashion designer. The exhibition provides a critical review of the pattern cutter's integral position in context to creative design.

ROTOR Programme Part 1
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Insufficient Allure
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