Haire, Andrew R., Gustafson, Johan, Trant, Aoife G., Jones, Timothy E., Noakes, Timothy C.Q., Bailey, Paul and Baddeley, Christopher J. (2011) Influence of preparation conditions on the depth-dependent composition of AuPd nanoparticles grown on planar oxide surfaces. Surface Science, 605 (1-2). pp. 214-219. ISSN 0039-6028

The high resolution depth profiling capabilities of medium energy ion scattering are employed to determine the depth dependent composition of Au/Pd nanoparticles grown on thin silica films on Si(100) as functions of Au/Pd composition, total metal loading and annealing temperature. We show that, despite the fact that Au is deposited prior to Pd, the surface of the particles is generally enriched in Au compared to the bulk composition. The extent of this Au enrichment decreases with annealing temperature. In addition, we examine the influence of the adsorption of acetic acid on the surface composition of Au/Pd particles grown on thin alumina films on NiAl(110). We find that acetic acid causes limited segregation of Pd to the bimetallic surface of relatively Au-rich particles.

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