Wood, T., Eames, C., Bonet, C., Reakes, M., Noakes, T., Bailey, Paul and Tear, S. (2008) Medium-energy ion-scattering study of strained holmium silicide nanoislands grown on silicon (100). Physical Review B, 78 (3). 035423. ISSN 1098-0121

We have used medium-energy ion scattering (MEIS) to quantitatively analyze the structure of holmium silicide islands grown on the Si(100) surface. Structure fitting to the experimental data unambiguously shows that the tetragonal silicide phase is present and not the hexagonal phase, which is associated with the growth of nanowires at submonolayer coverages. Islands formed with a lower holmium coverage of 3 ML are also shown to be tetragonal, which suggests that the hexagonal structure is not a low coverage precursor to the growth of the tetragonal phase. MEIS simulations of large nanoislands, which include the effects of lateral strain relief, have been performed and these compare well with the experimental data.

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